I recently switched from conventional DC to DCC on my Susquehanna Ontario and Western. During this operation, I learned a lot about DCC. The purpose of this page is to share some of my DCC experience with anyone interested in this "State of the Art" way of controlling model trains.

Starting with some basic experiences, I'll try to show you how DCC was implemented on my layout, the benefits it brought to me and also some problems I had to overcome:

A DCC experience
A DCC test layout
Wiring my layout
DS54 capacitor discharge driver
Improving BD8's
BD8 power supply

I'm still in the process of implementing DCC on my layout. As this work is progressing, I'll get more subjects to discuss and more experience to share. So, watch for frequent updates and additions to this page and come back soon for more on this subject.

Don't hesitate to contact me for any comment or question regarding the way I implemented DCC on my layout.

A DCC experience

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