History of updates

Modifying Peco Electrofrog turnouts :
Learn how to modify your Peco Electrofrog turnouts for real smooth operation.

The Rainbow Canyon :
An N scale diorama, located in an aquarium, reproducing an UP landmark.

Walden, Leadville and Southwestern :
Discover new photos of the layout, the new version of the track plan and e-pass. Don't miss the Josephtown Craddonium Co. engine terminal

Links :
Updated and new links

"Goodies" :
Here, you can order tee-shirts, caps and other goodies with the traiNternet logo. A must see.

Devil's Creek Co. :
A lot of progress has been made on this layout. Discover the new photos of Twin Peaks, Devil's Creek and Junction and meet Bernard Fabron.

The Walden, Leadville and Southwestern :
Discover the new photos of the layout, downtown Josephtown, and don't forget to request your "Electronic Rail Pass" for the WLSW.

Lakeside (An S scale diorama) : :
For the lovers of "finescale", a diorama in S (1/64th) scale. Look at the photos of this stunning piece of railroading. Model, or reality...?

The new Devil's Creek Co. :
Under the same name as his previous layout, an all new layout from Bernard Fabron. Plains, rugged mountain lines, mines... We let you discover the beginnings of this layout with a great future... An Electronic Rail Pass is available for this layout, also, if you wish.

11th Convention in Zurich :
This is a special report on the 11th Convention of American Railroadfans in Switzerland held October 14-15 2000 in Adliswil, a Zurich suburb. Many photos of the layouts displayed in all scales, from Z to G.

Free Heaven Harbor Terminal RR :
An N scale switching layout built to Fine Scale standards and super-detailed. This is a new layout on traiN'ternet. A must see.

Prototypes :
This section is now alive with a number of photos from some prototype Eastern fallen flags. More photos to come in this section.

Susquehanna Ontario & Western RR :
The SOW Electronic Rail Pass is now available.

The Walden, Leadville and Southwestern :
A small N scale layout for every budget with interesting operational capabilities.
Discover the new photos of the layout, along the line, some of its motive power, and don't forget to request your "Electronic Rail Pass" for the WLSW.

Hints & Tips - Realistic modern billboards :
How to make realistic modern billboards (from prototype info to stucture construction to poster design), in order to make your streets and highways look more like real ones.

DCC - A power supply for the BD8 :
A new way of powering the BD8's in order to avoid the inconvenience of having them powered from the LocoNet.

Model photography :
Everything you wanted to know about model photography but never asked. Many tips for improving your model photography techniques.

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