Through the following pages, you'll be able to discover layouts or dioramas in N scale (1/160th), S scale (1/64th) and O scale (1/48th).

These layouts are all different, but all of them have been built by French modelers and all of them are all based on American prototypes:

Susquehanna Ontario & Western RR - The original layout
Susquehanna Ontario & Western RR - The layout extension
Walden Leadville & Southwestern RR
Free Heaven Harbor Terminal RR
Devil's Creek Co.
Lakeside - an S scale diorama
Rainbow Canyon - an N scale diorama
1300 Railroad drive - an S scale diorama
Drumheller, AB - an S scale diorama
Merchant Row System - an O scale switching layout
Rural Valley - an HO scale logging layout
Point Davis - an N scale switching layout
Possum Valley - an N scale logging layout
New River Valley - An N scale empire depicting the old Chessie System in the "New River Valley"

If you own a layout based on American prototypes, and even if it is not in N scale, we would be glad to host it in our pages.

Susquehanna Ontario & Western RR

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