An N scale switching layout by Fabrice Fayolle


Welcome to Point Davis, a town in Oregon state located on a branch of the Union Pacific. Don't look for this "shortline" as it disappeared since, due to the lack of traffic. Point Davis is located on the western side of the Interstate bridge, the Interstate itself going eastwards across Oregon prairies. An industrial area has developed at the periphery of Point Davis, taking advantage of the railroad line. And, this is the same industrial area which is reproduced in this unit of time and space.

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Some facts about the layout

Author Ecrire à Fabrice Fayolle
Fabrice Fayolle
Scale N (1/160th)
Theme UP short line, State of Oregon
Era 1950-1960
Size 1,20 m (4 ft.) x 0,40 m (16 in.)
Layout height 1,20 m (48 in.)
Structure Showcase on wooden grid
Track and switches Peco code 55
Minimum radius r=40 cm (16 in.)
Maximum grade 0 %
Layout control DCC (Digitrax)

Track plan

At right is a miniature version of the track plan.
Click on it to get a large size plan.

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As this layout was intended to be displayed at shows, it had to comply with some rules such as, for example, strength of the structure, easy moving and storage, the staging of an activity and include an integrated lighting.
The basic structure is inspired from the module principle. And the showcase creates the scene required for the animation. It is made of 5mm plywood and battens. It is attached to the layout with bolts allowing an easy disassembly thus an easy access when necessary.
Three 18 Watts fluorescent tubes have been installed so as to highlight the various scenery elements.
In order to increase the capacity of the "game", I have added a hidden fiddle yard (on tyhe right side of the layout) using sliders from kitchen drawers.
And, to ease the transportation, I use a support with folding legs, a system that Jean-Louis Simonet developped for his Possum Valley layout.
A removable shelf, part of this support, allows to install the digital system, as well as the sound system.

Below are the photos of the layout at various stages of construction (click on the photos to get an enlarged version) :

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The basic module.

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Starting the scenery.

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The fiddle yard.

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The layout on his support.

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The bottom of the support and the shelf.

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Layout, support et shelf ready for transportation.


You probably didn't notice, but the layout setting up has greatly changed from my original plans.
For lack of heavy industries or complex suburbs, I have chosen to represent a more rural area.
Let's now look at the layout from left to right in order to discover the various elements, the global picture is made of. An Interstate bridge overhangs all tracks at the left of the layout. This bridge was made from parts proposed by Rix Products. One can discover in the foreground a "Team Track" made of parts from Blair Line. In the background is a "Freight House" from Show Case Miniatures. Besides, but served by another track is a grain elevator (easily spotted due to the covered hoppers).
A few words regarding the road which looks like a concrete road. It was made using styrene sheets which were cut, grooved, painted and weathered. It's hot on Route 77 !
The garage which will allow travellers to refuel or repair minor damages can be seen in the background. A coffee shop has already appeared on his right. As you know, we are here, in Oregon, on a "Short line" of the Union Pacific and the billboard is here to remember that to you. One can guess the plains and the cattle areas, aat the far background. At the right is a Terminal Services required due to the number of tracks. Trees have been made from Sweetwater Scenery kits.

The 4th dimension !

It is impossible to conceive a layout, especially an exhibition one, without thinking of animations and sound. With some time and imagination, it is perfectly possible to make one thousand and one things... Available are commercial kits but also slow motion switch motors, Meccano parts and many other things...

For the sound, I called my friend Patrick froucht to the rescue. He conceived an electronic card (PCB) allowing to mix sounds from from various sources : DCC decoders, MP3 reader, sound modules.... Enough to diffuse more sounds and industrial sounds of various origins.

For the signals, as I wanted to have some prototypical signals, I got some advice from Kevin Loiselle responsible for the ProtoSignal Company. From there, Patrick Froucht (again !) conceived a signal animation module in agreement with the NORAC rules.

In addition, I installed a system simulating arc soldering. So that there is some lighting in the lcoco shed.

A few pictures of the layout...

(Click on the photos to get larger size photos).

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Photo #1 (169 Ko)

A train is entering Yard #1 at Point Davis. The move will be delicate !!!

Photo #2 (138 Ko)

UP RS-2 #1281 heading a train directed to Prineville (OR).

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Photo #3 (122 Ko)

Close up on Point Davis engine facility.

Photo #4 (182 Ko)

The country is very close and cows take advantage of the show !!!

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Photo #5 (209 Ko)

Heavy activity under the Highway bridge.

This layout has found a naw owner in the mean time...
Rural Valley Possum Valley

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