Model Photography

Taking good pictures of his layout is not an easy task, especially if one is an occasional photographer and do not master all the technical aspects of this subject. As a matter of fact, this type of photography is one of the most diffult to take, since a good number of difficulties add up here (short focus distance, reduced depth of field, lighting...).

In the following pages, I'll try to make this subject clear by bringing to you some elements which should allow you to improve your techniques and obtain the best possible photos, taking into account all these difficulties.
I'll start with some easy basics which I recommend to well assimilate, since it's the root of everything else.Then, I'll review the equipment, the lighting techniques, the films, some advice on picture taking and composition and will conclude with the description of a special equipment which greatly improves photography of this type of subject : the pinhole lens:

Back to the basics
The equipment
Lighting the scene
Choosing the right film
Taking pictures
The ultimate (the pinhole lens)

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