As a French modeller and railfan of North American trains, and although I have visited many times the US, from North to South and from East to West, I assume that I have nothing to learn to American people about their trains.
This section was originally intended for French speaking visitors (especially French ones), in order to make them more acquainted with railroads that are quite different from ours, with different customs, different way of operation...
The French version of this section that you can visit here is mostly a digest of present railroading in the US, with a lot of photos that may be of interest to some of you.

However, among the number of train photos that I took over the years in the US (several thousands), there are some that can be of interest to modellers. So I decided to make this section alive by publishing photos of some eastern fallen flags that I took in 1975 and hope it can make revive these trains that disappeared a quarter century ago:

Eastern fallen flags

More photos, on other subjects, will be made available as time permit.

Eastern fallen flags

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