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A group of model railroaders...

...scattered all over France, who have choosen to model, on our layouts, American trains, using N scale and numerous modeling techniques coming from overseas.

Our goal :
Let other French model railroaders
know about something different :

American trains
(with a preference for N scale)

... and also let American model railroaders know about some American based modeling made by French model railroaders.

American and French trains are quite different :

  • French trains are mostly based on high speed passenger trains, while American trains are mostly based on freight trains.
  • France has a single railroad company : SNCF (Société Nationale des Chemins de fer Français), which is publicly owned, while USA has some 600 privately owned railroad companies.
  • Most French lines are double-tracked, while most American lines are single-tracked.
  • And much more...

So many reasons for some of us, French model railroaders, to model these trains so different from ours.

In this site's pages, you will be able to discover the following subjects :

  • Prototypes : a digest on American trains
  • Layouts : some French layouts based on American prototypes
  • DCC : some experiences and tips about using DCC
  • Model Photography : all you wanted to know about model photo and never asked
  • Hints and Tips : various techniques used for layout construction
  • Numerous Links to other sites dealing with american trains (Prototypes, layouts, manufacturers, hobby shops...)

We would be glad to get your comments about this site and his contents. Don't hesitate to contact us, ask questions and, maybe, join us in the discussion group about American model railroading.

If you own a layout based on American trains, we would be glad to host it on our site, or add a link to your web site.


New River Valley update :
Update of the New River Valley page. Several additions, new pictures, new videos.

New River Valley :
An N scale empire depicting the old Chessie System in the "New River Valley".

Drumheller, Alberta :
An S scale (1/64th) diorama showing the grain elevators (prairie skyscrapers) in the Canadian mid-west, during the 1970's.

Rural Valley :
A friendly small " branch line " of the Santa Fe in a rural environment. The whole in HO scale.

SOW extension :
A move, more space that must be filled in ! Thus, the Susquehanna Ontario Ontario & Western has nearly doubled in surface. Many interesting details of the construction.

SOW (the original) : The video :
The grand tour of the layout, accompanying a local train. Everything professionally videotaped (look at the bottom of the page).

Point Davis :
Point Davis, a small town located in Oregon state, on an imaginary branch line of the Union Pacific. A switching layout in N scale.

FHHT : the video :
A magnificent video of this nice N scale layout, now dismantled (look at the bottom of the page).

Merchant Row System : the video :
Another beautiful video of this huge (and stunning) 0 scale layout. Don't miss it. (look at the bottom of the page).

Possum Valley Videos :
A few short videos of this N scale logging layout (look at the bottom of the page).

A DCC Power enclosure :
All you need to make a compact DCC enclosure with all your needs to power your layout.

Possum Valley :
A very nice and very detailed N scale logging layout on a small surface. You have to see it to believe it.

1300 Railroad drive :
An update of this fine S scale diorama with stunning new photos

Merchant Row System :
An O scale switching layout located in a crowded area. Outstanding details (including building interiors). A must see.

1300 Railroad drive :
A very finely detailed S scale diorama located in a Western town in the mid-eighties.

Update history :
Access to the history of traiNternet site updates since year 2000.

Last update: 04/08/2015


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Team Track : American model railroading for all.
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